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The great thing about economic booms is that, abruptly, there is a lot more opportunity.

The legal cannabis industry is multiple economic booms occurring simultaneously. In each state, from the moment it became legal for adults to purchase cannabis an entire economic sector came into existence. Instantly the was a large and competitive market not simply for cannabis but for talent, investment, new products, improved processes, and solutions to business problems unique to cannabis.

And all-of-a-sudden countless people plateaued in stale, steady-does-it industries discovered that cannabis is a new industry where ideas are welcomed. People stuck on the outside looking in at those industries — because they didn’t go to the right college or have an inside track on the right internship — discovered they could have a future in cannabis where they are valued for their energy, their willingness to learn and their desire to help build something new.

We welcome these cannabis pioneers to our offices every day. Many decided to invest their skills and ambitions in this new industry after witnessing the relief medical cannabis brought to someone they love. We understand them. Every Cultiva attorney chose cannabis rather than a traditional area of law.

Cannabis attracts a distinct sort of entrepreneur. They want to do good, not just well.

Cannabis attracts them because of the opportunity to build a prosperous business that makes a positive contribution to society. To help them achieve their goals, we begin by listening. What product or service are you working to bring to market? We help you see how your idea meshes with laws and regulations in whichever jurisdiction you are operating in or intend to operate, the state of the market, the quality of the competition, the prospects for partnerships.

Cannabis entrepreneurs tend to be the sort who want to seal a deal with a handshake, so we review their contracts to be certain they are protected. We review procedures to determine if they are in full compliance. We make sure they recognize the value of their intellectual property and that it is sufficiently protected. The cannabis industry is a frontier, and like all frontiers, newcomers are likeliest to succeed with a trustworthy guide. The earlier in your journey as a cannabis entrepreneur that we work together, the more we can help.

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