Chris Girard

Strategic Operations

Chris Girard aims to bring legitimacy to a once prohibited industry.

Mr. Girard hails from the State of Washington, where he was a principle part of the legal support team for several years at the premier Cannabis law firm Pelley Law Group, which is now Cultiva Law, PLLC. During this time Chris was exposed to the unique observations and solution-seeking to every possible challenge that comes with newly legal, highly regulated industries and has worked on opposite sides of multiple mergers, acquisitions, investments, and corporate dissolution matters as both a senior paralegal and a private, subcontracted consultant, from which he developed his extensive skill set and profile as an expert in the spectrum of Cannabis industries. After this time, Mr. Girard left out to start his own hemp projects. In 2018 he cultivated 300 acres of Industrial Hemp. 100 acres under custom-built drip irrigation, and 200 under Pivot with Draglines. With real world experience, a history in Cannabis, and a full understanding of the laws surrounding, Mr. Girard stands out as an exception in Hemp, one that looks at the project from all angles, many others cannot consider.

Chris has the unique ability to speak to, as well as bridge the gap between entrepreneurs, farmers and traditional corporate culture as well as understanding complex government regulations surrounding the industry.

Chris oversees Hemp operations in three states and is deeply involved in the non-profit work with Golden Seed Veterans Foundation. When Chris is not flying from state to state, he enjoys consulting on growing and spending time with family.

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