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Cultiva Law

Cannabis Business Law Firm

As fellow pioneers in legal cannabis, Cultiva Law cherishes the bond we share with our clients

We have the legal expertise to guide them through the challenges of establishing a cannabis business and keeping it in compliance, but we also recognize they have bigger dreams than simply building a successful business. Like us, they took the road less traveled to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a historic change for the better in our society.

All entrepreneurs launch businesses. Our clients are entrepreneurs determined to help launch an entirely new industry. We understand this well.

The Philosophy

Cultiva Law is a boutique firm focused on representing the very best of the legal cannabis industry.

Each Cultiva Law attorney has committed her or his career to fostering a well regulated cannabis market that serves patients and respects the choices of adults. We are proud of our role in helping move our society forward from the harms of cannabis prohibition.

Our collective experience spans the history of the legal cannabis industry in the three Pacific Coast states from the formation of the regulating state agencies to the current boom and increasingly competitive market. Cultiva Law is large enough to meet any litigation challenge confronting your company, yet small enough that each client has the benefit of all the firm’s resources. There is no business, legal, or compliance problem facing a cannabis business in California, Oregon, or Washington that we have not already experienced. Our mission is to guide your company to complete compliance and minimize the cost and disruption of any issue that arises as you grow in this dynamic market.

Words from the people…

Former Client Do not let ignorance be your downfall, there are people out there who do care and who have spent a lifetime mastering their profession. Call on those people when you need help. I'm glad I did. Hopefully I wont have to be calling Aaron again, but If I do run into any legal snags, he'll be the first person I ring. Thank you Aaron & Cultiva Law! - Former Client Ali M Cultiva Law is fantastic, best Cannabis Lawyers! Aaron and the whole team are always responsive and available when needed. They are so helpful and always make everything simple and stress free. If you are in need a of Marijuana Business Attorney, I couldn’t recommend the Cultiva Law more. - Ali M Heidi A The team at Cultiva have been instrumental in the success of our business. Ted is brilliant with corporate structure and the right apraoch for creating an entity that allows for growth. We especially like that we can get multiple practice types within one law firm and focused on cannabis. Thank you for being good at what you do, so we can stay focused on what it is that we do... cannabis technology! - Heidi A Charlene B Aaron said “ Your hiring me so you don’t have to worry about it anymore” it was that plus so much more. Aaron is a badass lawyer along with his incredibly talented team, in our case was Heidi at the wheel getting it done. We are so incredibly thankful, so thankful. If you have to go through the legal fires to be free of some BS, Cultiva law are the fire walkers to guide you. 🙏🔥👍🏻⭐️✨ Deeply Thankful. - Charlene B Jason One of the best experiences I’ve ever had with an attorney! Aaron gave me full confidence from day one that he had my best interests in mind. He was easy to talk too and made sure I fully understood every step along the way. He will be the only Attourney I ever use in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone else! - Jason Leonard We have had the good fortune to enlist to services of the extraordinary Cultiva. They guide us through the complicated and "pothole" ridden cannabis business. We have avoided many of the pitfalls by having his guidance, legal advice and wisdom. There is no one worth their salt in the Cannabis world that does not know the name Aaron Pelley. Those of us that have had the resources to hire him, are so much further along than with out his legal edge and brilliance. - Leonard Daniel Aaron was great and definitely lends a lot of credibility when discussion difficult topics with state regulators. We were able to get a quicker and more reasonable response from the state through his services. I would recommend Aaron to anyone in the industry that needs assistance dealing with state agencies. - Daniel Maureen N Aaron Pelley is an extremely knowledgeable and hard-working lawyer. He provided quick solutions for our business and has proven his expertise with clear, concise, practical, and sound advice. I highly recommend using Aaron to navigate the treacherous legal waters of any business particularly the biz. - Maureen N Thomas B I am fortunate to have worked with Aaron and his Team. Aaron has navigated several of my companies through ever changing [Cannabis Industry] without a hitch. Very professional and responsive! - Thomas B Justin W [A] top notch boutique firm in Seattle. Led by a dynamic, passionate and tireless attorney, Aaron Pelley, the firm focuses on a specialized field of law. The work is top notch and the customer service (thats right, law firms have customer service) is spot on. Aaron is always the first person I ping regarding any legal issue I come across. His rates are reasonable and he doesnt overbill like many other firms in town. - Justin W Margot I have worked with Ben over the last year on various cannabis businesses. He is direct and easy to get a hold of which is critical in this industry. He is very pleasant to work with and makes difficult issues easier to deal with. He is knowledgeable about each type of cannabis license in Oregon and helped us through numerous issues we encountered. - Margot Andy Aaron is simply the best lawyer you can hire. He cares about his clients and I wouldn’t use anyone… - Andy Wendy M Aaron has a five star rating with us! He is tireless and brilliant! We have had the opportunity to work with him and are associated with networks of people that he serves. I have never heard a bad word about him only accolades and gratitude. - Wendy M Mimi Aaron Pelley is an absolute phenomenal attorney! I don’t write reviews, but I will for that guy. - Mimi Maureen My family and I went to Aaron for legal help and we're very satisfied with his quick turnaround, professionalism, honesty, and service. We got things settled 10x quicker than I expected. I recommend him in a heartbeat. - Maureen Former Client I have had to deal with many attorneys being in the music business and have been given some bad counsel at times. Aaron Pelley not only helped me to understand the deals I was entering into but helped me to shape the agreements to work in my favor. - Former Client Corporate Client Aaron Pelley has been amazing - we have been able to really count on his help with various legal issues and would recommend his firm without hesitation. Aaron is professional, knowledgeable and reliable - we are confident that we are in very good hands and will continue to use Aaron's services well into the future. - Corporate Client Jessika This firm does an amazing job for their clients. Any cannabis business who wants to be represented with fairness and dignity needs to have knowledgable representation. Culitva Law has a track record of successfully protecting and advocating for their clients. They have done amazing work for my company, and I highly recommend them to others who are looking for a real ally in this evolving industry. - Jessika Mike “Aaron Pelley has been a valuable asset to have for me in my cases. He calls back quickly with all the answers I need. He stays on top of all of the important dates. Aaron will jump in to help me with any problem I have, whether it’s a question about the case at hand… - Mike James “Mr. Pelley was willing to call back & converse with me on an issue, and was very professional, and extremely helpful. If you need a responsive and attentive attorney, based on my experiences, Aaron is very good.” - James Former Client Where do I start? I called up Cultiva Law and go in touch with a wonderful receptionist by the name of Autumn - I explained my situation and she referred me to Aaron Pelly. Aaron treated me like a human being, not a dollar sign with two feet. He was extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to help me get my situation figured out as well as educating me along the way. Long story short, case was dismissed and we're back to business as usual. - Former Client Ben L. “Aaron Pelley is a fantastic attorney to work with. He is always courteous and professional. Everything gets done in a timely manner and he has a great ability to explain law in a way anyone can understand. Highly recommended!” - Ben L. Trek “I have been working with Aaron for about 4-5 years and he has represented me on a few cases. He has been an amazing help and always there when you need him. In my opinion and the opinion of everyone I’ve ever spoken to that’s worked with him, he is the best or one of… - Trek Ian “Selecting a lawyer is not an easy or simple process. My particular situation required a knowledgeable, competent lawyer who could act quickly on my behalf. Immediately upon retaining the services of Aaron Pelly, I felt confident I had made the correct choice. Aaron’s initial enthusiasm and attention to detail was very impressive. The effort and… - Ian

Meet The Team

Aaron Pelley <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Aaron Pelley
Aaron Pelley has played an active role in Cannabis Law for over a decade. He helped build the foundation for legal protections in medical cannabis law and is a leading advocate for the cannabis business. His passion for this new realm of practice led to the launch of Cultiva and the formation of a boutique...
Ted Bernhard <br/><span class="teamTitle">Managing Partner</span> Ted Bernhard
Managing Partner
Ted Bernhard is a seasoned business, securities, tax, and regulatory compliance attorney with a professional career spanning over two decades. He began his legal career with one of the largest and most prominent law firms in the Pacific Northwest and joined Cultiva Law to continue serving entrepreneurs, businesses, and private equity investors....
Autumn Stensen <br/><span class="teamTitle">Chief Operations Officer</span> Autumn Stensen
Chief Operations Officer
As the Operations Manager at Cultiva Law, Autumn prides herself on client service and also fostering a team-oriented work culture. She helps manage a diverse and community minded team that are highly organized and client focused. In addition, Autumn created and maintains organizational policies, practices, and procedures and each day brings her exceptional professional interpersonal
Fabiola Jimenez <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Fabiola Jimenez
Fabiola “Fabi” Jimenez, is a Washington State Native, with connections spanning Marysville to Walla Walla. With a background in corporate transactions, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and marketing, she brings her immense expertise to help clients during every stage of business development, growth and change. She aids her clients with issues regarding privacy, restricted product...
Michael Solomon <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Michael Solomon
Civil litigation has been at the heart of Michael’s practice for his entire professional career. His wide ranging experience runs the gamut of commercial, insurance, employment, and professional liability. Mr. Solomon graduated from the Pennsylvania State University and Villanova University School of Law. He represented plaintiffs and defendants in the Greater Philadelphia Area...
Dylan McMerrick <br/><span class="teamTitle">IT Director</span> Dylan McMerrick
IT Director
Dylan McMerrick is the Technology specialist for all of Cultiva law. His work keeps us all up, running, leading the way with innovative solutions and technology for all of our needs. A Pacific Northwest native, Dylan has lived in Portland his entire life. He has worked in customer service as well as working for...
Mio Asami <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Mio Asami
Mio Asami, born in Los Angeles and raised in Seattle, grew up sharing time between the United States and Tokyo, Japan. Following an unconventional path, she possesses a background in transactional business law, intellectual property law, and videography. Mio is a licensed attorney in California with a focus on the Los Angeles, aiding businesses navigate
Veronica Darling <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Veronica Darling
Veronica is a Pacific Northwest native with over a decade of experience in strategic business planning, complex commercial litigation, and regulatory compliance. Over the last four years, she has become intimately involved in navigating the Oregon cannabis regulatory landscape, serving as compliance and regulatory counsel for a local cannabis processor. Prior to returning to Portland...
Chris Girard <br/><span class="teamTitle">Strategic Development</span> Chris Girard
Strategic Development
Chris Girard aims to bring legitimacy to a once prohibited industry. Mr. Girard hails from the State of Washington, where he was a principle part of the legal support team for several years at the premier Cannabis law firm Pelley Law Group, which is now Cultiva Law, PLLC. During this time Chris was exposed to...
Katia Alcantar <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Katia Alcantar
Katia is a cannabis business litigator representing clients as plaintiffs and defendants in disputes concerning contracts, commercial leases, and business torts.She has litigated in state and federal courts, before arbitrators, and on appeal. Katia has a proven track record resolving disputes inside and outside of the courtroom, consistently getting favorable results for her clients
Shay Mayson <br/><span class="teamTitle">Administrative Coordinator</span> Shay Mayson
Administrative Coordinator
Ms. Mayson is a perfect representation of her upbringing, growing up between rural and urban, she is an innate “people person” who thrives in environments where she can interact with and help people, from all walks of life, daily. Shay’s path initially began with a multi-national coffee company where she expanded her base knowledge, learning...
Kenneth Ford <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Kenneth Ford
While Ken's practice at Cultiva Law primarily focuses on representing cannabis industry clients in litigation, he is well-versed in many areas of the law. With a background in corporate litigation, industry compliance, corporate transactions, and intellectual property, Ken is thrilled to meld these passions to cultivate effective legal solutions across all stages of corporate development,
Thomas Butcher <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Thomas Butcher
Thomas Butcher combines a strong passion for litigation and hard work to reach the best outcome for his clients on a daily basis. In his legal practice, Thomas’ focus is in the representation of clients, ranging from farmers, processors and retail owners, in disputes concerning administrative violation notices, while providing strategic solutions for their business...
Karen Albence <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Karen Albence
Karen Albence practices in the State of California for Cultiva Law and has cases and vast experience in numerous counties all over California. She also has litigated and is licensed to practice in Hawaii. Karen concentrates in litigation, and is experienced in all phases of civil and commercial litigation. However, she also has many years...
Nicole Rappaport <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Nicole Rappaport
Nicole Rappaport is a seasoned attorney with over 15 years of experience spanning across three states. Over the course of her career, she has represented a wide variety of clients in multiple legal arenas. From labor and employment law to housing and domestic relations, she spent most of her formative years in the court room....
Matthew Cleary <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Matthew Cleary
Mr. Cleary is a business, transaction, and litigation lawyer with a particular emphasis on the regulated cannabis industry. He also has experience in intellectual property, corporate formation, and cryptocurrency law. Notably, Mr. Cleary co-authored a chapter in the book “The Law of Bitcoin,” published by iUniverse Publishing. Mr. Cleary represents cannabis industry business clients on
Jason Beahm <br/><span class="teamTitle">Attorney</span> Jason Beahm
Jason Beahm is the Senior Counsel at Cultiva Law in San Francisco. His firm has won SF Weekly’s “Best of San Francisco” award four out of the past five years. Beahm is the co-host of the Festival Lawyer Podcast, and has spoken at festivals, universities and events across the United States. He has a broad-based...

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