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As fellow pioneers, Cultiva Law cherishes the bond we share with our clients

We have the legal expertise to guide them through the challenges of establishing a their business and keeping it in compliance, but we also recognize they have bigger dreams than simply building a successful business. Like us, they took the road less traveled to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a historic change.

All entrepreneurs launch businesses. Our clients are entrepreneurs determined to help launch an entirely new industry. We understand this well.

The Philosophy

Cultiva Law is a boutique firm focused on representing the very best of the legal cannabis industry.

Each Cultiva Law attorney has committed her or his career to fostering a well regulated cannabis market that serves patients and respects the choices of adults. We are proud of our role in helping move our society forward from the harms of cannabis prohibition.

Our collective experience spans the history of the biggest emerging markets of the last twenty years, in the three Pacific Coast states. From the formation of the regulating state agencies to the current boom and increasingly competitive market. Cultiva Law is large enough to meet any litigation challenge confronting your company, yet small enough that each client has the benefit of all the firm’s resources. There is no business, legal, or compliance problem facing your business in California, Oregon, or Washington that we have not already experienced. Our mission is to guide your company to complete compliance and minimize the cost and disruption of any issue that arises as you grow in this dynamic market.

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