Marijuana Lawyers in California, Oregon & Washington

Each lawyer at Cultiva Law has followed a calling to step away from the long-established areas of business law to help lay the legal foundation of the cannabis industry.

We provided strategic legal counsel that contributed to the legalization of medical cannabis and protections for those who provide and use it. We were active participants in developing the policies and legal structures that created the thriving adult-use cannabis markets in California, Oregon, and Washington.

As advocates for the industry and culture of cannabis, we understand why our clients choose the bigger risks and less certain rewards of the cannabis industry. Because we were among the architects of cannabis law, we have the insights and professional depth to make the risks much more manageable and the rewards far more likely. Our clients, former and current, will attest to our comprehensive knowledge of cannabis law and our sincere commitment to their success and the success of this industry we are building together. All entrepreneurs launch businesses. Our clients are entrepreneurs determined to help launch an entirely new industry. We understand this well.

Who We Are

Cultiva Law is the West Coast’s premiere full-service cannabis business law firm, offering a multitalented team comprised of well-versed and versatile strategic legal counsel, uniquely talented in all aspects of transactional law, compliance, and litigation.

Our marijuana lawyers are experienced, connected, and influential in the cannabis industry. We not only produce unparalleled professional results for clients, but our strategic legal counsel also lead the way in helping develop new laws and policies applicable to marijuana businesses. We are well known in the legal community, connecting with influential industry leaders through a variety of professional associations and teaching Continuing Legal Education seminars educating other attorneys about the important nuances in practicing in this unique and burgeoning marijuana industry in California, Oregon and Washington.

What We Do

Our extensive trial experience informs our transactional practice, helping you effectively weigh and manage risks, and drafting a wide variety of contracts and agreements that protect and empower your business, from entity formation through successful operation and growth. We are here to help you build a legacy.

Clients count on us to ensure they are fully informed and protected by an aggressive and thoughtful line of defense when making all marijuana business decisions. We have the depth of experience specifically in cannabis to properly guide you.

Our ability to integrate outstanding litigation strategies into insightful and resourceful business solutions – and to back it up with proven trial skills – can make all the difference when protecting your business in this competitive and rapidly evolving industry.

Where We Do It

Not too big, not too small; our firm is the perfect size, allowing our cannabis-centric lawyers to efficiently develop and execute complex business and legal solutions under rapidly evolving cannabis laws.

Our firm spans the West Coast with multiple attorney that practice in States across the country. We embody integrity and reliability, and offer our full commitment to each individual client of every size and ambition. Our skillful set of attorneys are sophisticated, agile, and effective.

Contact us to find out how Cultiva Law’s team of tenacious strategic legal counsel can serve you.

Aaron Pelley


Aaron Pelley is a veritable celebrity in both his achievements as a lawyer, and advocate of cannabis business for over a decade. Having made sizable contributions to the foundation of legal protections surrounding medicinal cannabis law, his passion in this new realm of law drove him forward. This saw the creation of Cultiva and the subsequent creation of a boutique law firm that lies on the pulse of current cannabis law. Aaron is unafraid of change and willing to live on the tip of the spear his entire career. He’ll greet any challenge you present to him with open arms.

The Team

Aaron Pelley

Founder / Senior Attorney

Aaron Pelley has played an active role in Cannabis Law for over a decade. He helped build the foundation for legal protections in medical cannabis law and is a leading advocate for the cannabis business. His passion for this new realm of practice led to the launch of Cultiva and the formation of a boutique law firm unsurpassed in cannabis law. In addition to representing cannabis clients…

Ted Bernhard


Ted Bernhard is a seasoned business, securities, tax, and regulatory compliance attorney with a professional career spanning over two decades. He began his legal career with one of the largest and most prominent law firms in the Pacific Northwest and joined Cultiva Law to continue serving entrepreneurs, businesses, and private equity investors. Specifically, Ted helps organize privately owned companies…

Fabiola Jimenez


Fabiola “Fabi” Jimenez, is a Washington State Native, with connections spanning Marysville to Walla Walla. With a background in corporate transactions, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and marketing, she brings her immense expertise to help clients during every stage of business development, growth and change. She aids her clients with issues regarding privacy, restricted product development…

Matthew Cleary


Mr. Cleary is a business, transaction, and litigation lawyer with a particular emphasis on the regulated cannabis industry. He also has experience in intellectual property, corporate formation, and cryptocurrency law. Notably, Mr. Cleary co-authored a chapter in the book “The Law of Bitcoin,” published by iUniverse Publishing. Mr. Cleary represents cannabis industry business clients on…

Autumn Stensen

Chief Operations Officer

As the Operations Manager at Cultiva Law, Autumn prides herself on client service and also fostering a team-oriented work culture. She helps manage a diverse and community minded team that are highly organized and client focused. In addition, Autumn created and maintains organizational policies, practices, and procedures and each day brings her exceptional professional interpersonal…

Micheal Solomon


Civil litigation has been at the heart of Michael’s practice for his entire professional career. His wide ranging experience runs the gamut of commercial, insurance, employment, and professional liability. Mr. Solomon graduated from the Pennsylvania State University and Villanova University School of Law. He represented plaintiffs and defendants in the Greater Philadelphia Area for several years after…

Ashley Bumatay


While Ashley’s practice at Cultiva Law primarily focuses on representing cannabis industry clients in litigation, she is well-versed in many areas of the law. With a background in corporate litigation, industry compliance, corporate transactions, and intellectual property, Ashley is thrilled to meld these passions to cultivate effective legal solutions across all stages of corporate development,…

Mio Asami


Mio Asami, born in Los Angeles and raised in Seattle, grew up sharing time between the United States and Tokyo, Japan. Following an unconventional path, she possesses a background in transactional business law, intellectual property law, and videography. Mio is a licensed attorney in California with a focus on the Los Angeles, aiding businesses navigate licensure and development in an emerging…

Veronica Darling


Veronica is a Pacific Northwest native with over a decade of experience in strategic business planning, complex commercial litigation, and regulatory compliance. Over the last four years, she has become intimately involved in navigating the Oregon cannabis regulatory landscape, serving as compliance and regulatory counsel for a local cannabis processor. Prior to returning to Portland in…

Jason Beahm


Jason Beahm is the Senior Counsel at Cultiva Law in San Francisco. His firm has won SF Weekly’s “Best of San Francisco” award four out of the past five years. Beahm is the co-host of the Festival Lawyer Podcast, and has spoken at festivals, universities and events across the United States. He has a broad-based litigation and trial practice. Jason conducts internal corporate investigations…

Katia Alcantar


Katia is a cannabis business litigator representing clients as plaintiffs and defendants in disputes concerning contracts, commercial leases, and business torts.She has litigated in state and federal courts, before arbitrators, and on appeal. Katia has a proven track record resolving disputes inside and outside of the courtroom, consistently getting favorable results for her clients…

Chris Girard

Strategic Development

Chris Girard aims to bring legitimacy to a once prohibited industry. Mr. Girard hails from the State of Washington, where he was a principle part of the legal support team for several years at the premier Cannabis law firm Pelley Law Group, which is now Cultiva Law, PLLC. During this time Chris was exposed to the unique observations and solution-seeking to every possible challenge…

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