Shay Mayson

Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Mayson is a perfect representation of her upbringing, growing up between rural and urban, she is an innate “people person” who thrives in environments where she can interact with and help people, from all walks of life, daily.

Shay’s path initially began with a multi-national coffee company where she expanded her base knowledge, learning the standards necessary to scale. During this time Shay learned to develop protocols with a purpose, improve operations through efficiency updates, and hone her problem-solving skillset.  After spending years in the corporate space, watching shareholders erode values once held, Shay knew she wanted to do something more impactful. Then, as many others, she was introduced to the emerging market of Cannabis, and everything changed.

Given her background studying the supply chain of other commodities, she easily became drawn by the plant that has thousands of uses and millions of products that help people and the planet. This path brought her to Cultiva Law, and she was quickly adopted as a member of the firm. While she is an amazing people person, she applies management skills, and assists in creating more efficient procedures at Cultiva Law so we may better serve our Clients.

When Shay is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family, baking, crafting, hiking and exploring the PNW.


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