The Right Cannabis Business Compliance Lawyers For You

Regulatory compliance is the ultimate competitive advantage in the cannabis industry.

Unlike every other industry, where laws and regulations are long established and well understood, cannabis is still in a turbulent transition from universal prohibition only a few years ago to a legal industry tightly regulated by individual states and local governments. As a result, regulation of the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry is uniquely complex and still being refined by newly created regulatory bureaucracies. Local governments are wrestling with unfamiliar zoning and business licensing challenges, if they are even allowing cannabis businesses within their borders.

Cultiva Law Clients are in the biggest and most vibrant cannabis markets in the world today.

Each is a separate universe in terms of law and regulatory demands. Few entrepreneurs immersed in the day-to-day work of growing a business have the expertise to navigate licensing requirements and track regulatory changes, but failing to do so can prevent them from getting into business in the first place or remaining in business once they have.

The attorneys of Cultiva Law have been focused in cannabis in each state since the inception of the legal, regulated industry. Our knowledge of the nuances of law and regulation have earned us priceless credibility with regulators and judges.

Whether you are just entering the cannabis industry or are already operating, Cultiva Law attorneys are here to serve as your compliance partners.

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