Cultivating Conversations

A Podcast by the Cannabis Law Legends Fabiola and Mio

An in depth look at the current state of the industry brought to you via podcast by the premier hemp & cannabis firm, Cultiva Law.

In this podcast our cannabis rock stars discuss the challenges that industry professionals face like; What does it take to establish a cannabis business and keep it in compliance? What types of roadblocks are preventing new markets from becoming established? How do you protect your company’s IP?

We are frequently joined by a wide variety of industry experts who like us, took the road less traveled to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a historic change for the better in our society.

Episode Transcripts

Welcome to our socially-distanced episode! As we move forward we’re upgrading our show, but this one is a “2020 Special!” This episode’s topic is on the recent move to legalize Cannabis in Mexico, some would argue the largest supplier of Marijuana in the world. In...

This episode we speak about groundbreaking progress of the MORE Act (S.2227) Introduced by our FIRST FEMALE VP, Kamala Harris. The bill covers an array of elements to Decriminalize Cannabis federally. Additionally, the bill: replaces statutory references to marijuana and marihuana with cannabis, requires the Bureau of Labor...

In this episode we introduce ourselves, how we came to practice in the Cannabis Law space, and what we aim to speak about in future episodes!...

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